A poem for Chloe

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by Kim Webster, Ipswich

You were my friend but then you were gone, glad to say you are back where you belong

I am sorry for the things I did wrong but I promise you this that old me has gone

I will be here for you now for good and forever because we have a friendship no one can tether and it’s always fun when we are together

We have so many memories it’s hard to choose

My fave would have to be when we tried to do news or going on You Tube to see Elmo’s blues

Although it was sad for you in the hospital I am glad to say they were great times for me And day I stayed round yours and we thought we were lads

Or going to the beach we were so glad

It may have been a tough life for you but knowing you has been a adventure this much is true

I hope this poem will bring a smile to you as this is a poem just for you

Chloe Kendall you are so smart and so brave what would I do without you

You are funny and talented and pretty to which is a few reasons why I like you

So thank you my friend for all you have given me my only wish is please don’t forget me

So as I have said thank you to you and this is a poem just for you

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  1. ann roberts says:

    Love this. True friends are like gold !!!

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