My Story ~ About Me…

“Written from the heart” for we are all on a journey and this is my story, so far…

I’ve always had a passion to write. As a child, stories in abundance. I loved writing essays at school! As a teenager, a diary. As a young mother, capturing memories of special days with the family. On holidays, I would take my notebook with me so I could write down anything that came to mind and would record unforgettable moments. I’ve written titles for books on napkins, old tickets, any paper I could lay my hands on when an idea popped into my head. I would write poems or rhymes for special occasions, Mother’s Day cards for example. I used to write letters to magazines and they would be published. Albeit a cooking tip, or comment on a previous article, a little bit of my writing was getting out there into the big wide world, and it made me feel-good.

I took a correspondence course in creative writing. After 6 months work on one article it was published by a collector’s magazine. It was thrilling to see it in print, but that was back in 2005. Now, 6 years on, we lead very busy lives and what I initially thought was a sustainable hobby, fell more and more to the wayside. Demands at work grew, we were short staffed, I was overworked. The country was still in recovery from recession, and I was feeling more and unhappy with my lot.

2011 saw me signed off work with stress. I will write that in more detail at some point, but for now, you need to know that writing and this new project, has given me a new beginning. A new perspective. A much needed diversion to take away the pains and angst of stress. A new hope. If it can do that for me, it can do it for you! Let’s get those memories and moments of life recorded for prosperity.

Whatever we write about, if we are passionate, the words will flow, and that is what “Written from the heart” is going to be all about. This is where you come in! I look forward to hearing from you.


J S King