Hello and a warm welcome to my web-site

Written from the heart is the child of my true self. Born at a time out of fear, facing a crisis and suffering from work related stress, I found myself writing more and more about my experiences and memories from life.

Make no mistake, it is by divine intervention that you have been drawn to this page.  The articles I write about are truthful as I know them to be.

I am spiritually enlightened. I believe in God almighty. The Universe does deliver. I believe in spirit, take comfort in prayer and talk to my angels.

In meditation I visit wondrous places knowing I am being guided by divine intervention. There’s that phrase again, and I truly believe it.

Increasingly, the lives of people are touched by Angels. Worldwide, there are stories from all walks of life. Encounters with wonderful ‘beings of light’.

In my naivety, I now realise I have seen them for many years. Research  proves to me what I should have realised all along, but I took these visions in my stride and only now am I becoming truly aware and open to the loving possibilities both angels and spirit, are giving me.

This wonderful love and understanding I now have, has released my fear and anguish and I find myself living a new kind of life, in trust and worship, knowing that everything will be alright.

“In the mind of God, exists for us all, a perfect day.  Be open to receive it and miracles will follow”



Janet King