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On the 2nd May, 2011 I posted a piece regarding my experiences of meditation. Since then, I have meditated several times, but today, I was drawn to the guided meditation of that same day. Only this time my experience was different… 

As I drift deeper within myself to meet my spirit guide, I find I see myself in Native American dress. I am reminded of how my mother would plait my hair, and I feel the braids hanging against my chest. I hear the sounds of the wild, the flute, some drums and I am at peace as I walk to the clearing in the wood. It has always been blessed with summer light when ever I visit. As a golden orb drifts towards me, I invite it within my realm. It blossoms, spreading golden light all around me. There before me, is my Angel. 

We talk, without words. She shows me the waiting room at A&E. “We were there” she tells me and I am reminded that I had visions of Angels floating amongst us, comforting the sick. “I am with you now to comfort you too” she tells me. I am hugged in a warm enveloping embrace. This is such a good feeling. “You’ve had tough, dark times and I am here to show you all will be well”.  I know I have been worried, but not for me … for others. 

As I thank my guide, my beautiful Angel enfolds in her golden light and the orb drifts away. I am being steadily drawn back to the present, here and now. As I type this, I have relaxed, and all feels well. You have to trust in your angels and spirit guides for they are always here for you and I am lucky, I can go within and meet them. 

The comfort from her visit today has given me strength and great hope. The divine, almighty, are gracing me with their presence as they do all of us, for those who believe, will receive. 


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