Baby Steps

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Today, I took Pink Baby Elephant Steps… I now have a diary with pink elephants on the front, and will write in it from day to day, possibly sending excerpts for WFTH.

Example; I got up and felt ok’ish, so decided to drive to Leigh on Sea. Whilst only a stones throw from here, it may as well be a million miles away, not having been well enough to drive for a long time! Every day has been a struggle since coming out of hospital, and I refer to my daily efforts at recovery as BABY STEPS…..

This is my journey………

I heard my Mums favourite song by NAT King Cole, as I sat down to contemplate my first attempt at writing in my new diary , the song is called Too Young, and I still see my mum singing it when I was but a child.

So Mum, I guess that means you were with me today, holding me up, step by step, so that I wouldn’t fall.

As in life, you were always by my side, so I know the distance between heaven and earth would not deter you, my BABY STEPS, are important to me and you knew that didn’t you!

Mum, for giving me eternal love and hope, I am ever in your debt….do you, Zena and Dad watch me falter at times?…..I think so, as you usually give me a sign, in my inner soul I hear you say…..”come on Annieball come on “. Only you ever used that name for me!

We girls all miss you, the void in our lives is bigger than the Grande Canyon….but I find solace in knowing you are all together….all around us, now and forever.

All my love,

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