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Intro by PBE – I introduce to you the blogs of my big sis, Witchypoo. You should know she is a wise ‘elder’ to me. She has more spirit about her than I had ever realised, until recently that is.
Now I am empowered, she is lifting my spirits. Encouraging me with her wise words and wisdom, giving comfort and reaching out. She is all these things. An earth angel to me. She has recently refined her “IT” skills by aquiring a Blackberry. I profess myself, to not know very much about this technical wizardry, having only just mastered a lap top keyboard this very week-end myself! So bear with her won’t you. Her blogs will definately be a selfless labour of love as she stays totally ‘mobile’ where-ever she may wonder… She is great and I love her dearly.
Until next time … JS King

Baby Steps

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Today, I took Pink Baby Elephant Steps… I now have a diary with pink elephants on the front, and will write in it from day to day, possibly sending excerpts for WFTH.

Example; I got up and felt ok’ish, so decided to drive to Leigh on Sea. Whilst only a stones throw from here, it may as well be a million miles away, not having been well enough to drive for a long time! Every day has been a struggle since coming out of hospital, and I refer to my daily efforts at recovery as BABY STEPS…..

This is my journey………

I heard my Mums favourite song by NAT King Cole, as I sat down to contemplate my first attempt at writing in my new diary , the song is called Too Young, and I still see my mum singing it when I was but a child.

So Mum, I guess that means you were with me today, holding me up, step by step, so that I wouldn’t fall.

As in life, you were always by my side, so I know the distance between heaven and earth would not deter you, my BABY STEPS, are important to me and you knew that didn’t you!

Mum, for giving me eternal love and hope, I am ever in your debt….do you, Zena and Dad watch me falter at times?…..I think so, as you usually give me a sign, in my inner soul I hear you say…..”come on Annieball come on “. Only you ever used that name for me!

We girls all miss you, the void in our lives is bigger than the Grande Canyon….but I find solace in knowing you are all together….all around us, now and forever.

All my love,

Even though you’re gone…

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When I say how much I miss you and the tears begin to fall
Do you ever see me? Do you think of me at all ?
The memories you made in life for me are written on my wall
And though you were my “little sis”, in my eyes you’re ten feet tall.
Zena, the days are hard and long, since you went away.
I think of you so often and I miss you every day.
Will I ever see you again? One day of that I’m sure
Your spirit always shone on earth and still does to this day
So I will always talk to you

A L Maguire

This day…

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I awake after a troubled night and feel the usual dread of ill health creeping into my system. I sit quietly in my kitchen, tweeting via my awesome Blackberry also known as my “lifeline”.
I then go look at FaceBook, and there is an image that ‘Written from the heart’ has posted. She asks us to comment on what we see. This I do gladly, as it’s beauty blows me away. So I leave my angst behind me and hope that health comes my way “This Day”.

To be continued…

Diana ~ Earth Angel

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Yesterday morning, I felt compelled to post a tweet for Princess Diana. (Don’t know why-but I did it anyway!)
Later I got a bus to Upminster and went into one of the many charity shops–usually I look at clothes, but again, I felt compelled to look elsewhere and went to the back of the shop, checking out the “odds ands ends” section.
There, sat in pristine condition (never having been out of its box) was the most heavenly rose scented candle ever!  In gold writing on the front “DIANA“
It was the only officially approved candle made and sold upon her death. Sold in aid of her beloved charities. She was of much inspiration in her life and I cherish her memory and also now this candle too.
Diana, Earth Angel in life and now a Heavenly one…


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Electric-blue cornflowers always remind me of my dear father, and today he was very much in my thoughts. It’s been a difficult time following a 2 week stay in hospital.
I decided to get a bus over to my nearest health food store, my system screaming at me for some “natural” therapies.
I walk to the bus stop, suddenly looking under the hedges I spotted precious cornflowers in full bloom and knew Dad was with me.
I arrived at the shopping centre and dithered about, going from shelf to shelf to find some wondrous remedy for my pain. When I picked up a box-written on the back was a history of CORNFLOWERS!
Yes, my father gave me flowers today…

Wise words

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‘Faith’ is taking the first step, even when you can’t see the whole staircase!
Martin Luther King Jn

Strange, this day of St.George…

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Today started poorly for me. Ongoing health issues, deciding to smack me sideways. Huh! I said I to myself, “Some Saints day this is going to be”, but I managed to drive to Shoeburyness nonetheless . There, I watched little planes taking off, spent time with loved ones, (my man and our cats). I gazed upon many BlueBells, a flower that reminds me of my dear sister Zena. I came home, worse for wear and tired but lighter of spirit.
Sitting in my little kitchen, I open a page on the web. It is WrittenFTH! and I read an intro-blog my little sis’ wrote about me.
I am humbled by it and my SPIRIT soars, like the small planes I watched in Southend airport.
You know what? I will always remember this St.Georges Day. My lil’ sis made my spirit soar…