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Rather embarrassingly, it has been so long since I logged into the web site that I had two attempts at my password! Time slips by so quickly. A cliché to say that it seems like only yesterday that we were out shopping for Christmas. Waiting up till midnight to hear Big Ben and here we are broaching the end of January. I’m reminded that it’s been a year now since my ‘illness’ came to light and for the first time in working memory, I was signed off sick with ‘stress’. Writing, and this website, were my saviour and I would do well to remind myself of that. Moving on, (for now…) I’ve promised myself that I would be writing today so that’s what I am doing. Who was it said “Be true to yourself”? 

I am encouraged today by the success of my fellow writers and in particular, Laurence O’Bryan who had his book, “The Istanbul Puzzle” published last week, 19th January. When I walked into W.H. Smith’s this week, it brought a smile to my face when I saw it had already reached 50th position in their top 100. We have never met but thanks to the social networks of Twitter and Facebook, somehow we connected and we ‘tweet. I have ‘met’ some fabulous “tweethearts” and have built up quite a support system. A network of like minded folk who ‘follow’ me. Twitter is a whole different story so for now, I’ll leave it there. It deserves it’s own blog… 

I remember once, that I was walking down our local high street, and I turned to face the book store window. In a flash, there was a sign saying “Local Author Book Signing HERE TODAY!” and there to the right, beside it was a photo of me! smiling happily. I remember vividly that it looked like the photo I had done when I had won a makeover competition. They do your hair and make up and take glamorous shots. I was pleased with the photo’s. I digress. Then the likeness was gone and I was seeing my mirror image in the vast display window. I have visions… 

I get that ’feeling’ when I walk into any book store. I get that ‘feeling’ when I am at airports and the book shops are promoting their latest ’holiday’ read. I have seen my name on those boards, my image. I get that ’feeling’ that one day, it will indeed, be me. 

Reading back over this blog it is full of stops and starts. So is life. I feel like mine has been virtually put on ‘hold’ for almost a year. No more. 

“Brringg, brringg” The telephone. A new customer had been recommended by one of my clients. Home Angels to the rescue… 

11:11am 11.11.11

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True story. But then mine always are unless I list them in fiction. The title says it all and what ever your take on the events of this most special time and date, this is what happened to me.

At 11am I watched the television in silence ~ the tributes and people in remembrance at services around our country. At 11.11 hours, I took a quiet seat outside, to listen. Birds had gathered on every roof top and chimney as the minute struck. A tree, otherwise lost of leaves, was in full “bloom” thanks to the hundreds of sparrows gathered there in. The seagulls sat respectfully, amongst the others … it was the most overwhelming sight I had ever seen. A minute went by so fast. As I rose, on the minute of 12 past 11, the birds flew up and away with me. I am totally amazed. Flocks of birds from seemingly nowhere, taking a moment to be still. How can you explain the birds behaving in such a manner? I felt very at one with nature and the beauty of that majestic, spiritual minute. Gone so quickly, but never forgotten. Blessed to have witnessed it. AWESOME


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Never under estimate the power of giving. You can deliver a difference by simple acts of kindness. What might seem of little consequence to you, can mean the world to someone else. With each act of kindess, you cause a ripple effect, and that loving circle expands humanity to higher realms. And what you give, so you shall receive and good karma is mitigated. J S King ~ Namaste my friends


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I attended the Spiritualist church that my medium had recommended and went on Sunday.

As my husband and daughter were at work, I was on my own and felt compelled to go along. We were few in number, maybe 30 people. It’s premises are not church like – they exist from a very large Victorian House, and have been established since 1926. Going through the door, I told myself this was meant to be. I was greeted by a kind, smiling elderly lady, who when I told her that it was my first time here, took a moment to show me the way to the meeting. There, a few people turned to see who was entering and I proffered my hello’s and again, was greeted with smiles. From the way people were seated, I could tell I was not the only person there to attend on my own. I didn’t feel awkward or out of place. The service started. We had readings of love and guidance. Prayers for peace and harmony. Sang hymns I loved and knew. I was very comfortable here with what I was doing, seeing and hearing.

The guest medium then rose. She gave a heart warming speech on our troubled times.

(Bin Laden’s death had been announced) Whilst some of the world rejoices in his death, I agreed with the speaker in feeling that justice might have been better served if he’d stood sentence. Everyone has their opinions. I make no point of who is right or wrong. It is what it is.

I listened intently. I was hoping I might see some signs myself here with so much spirituality in the room, but I didn’t see any orbs. Then as the medium grew more passionate with her words, the light immediately around her became very bright. Almost as if the sun had come out of a dark cloud. I couldn’t believe for a moment what I was seeing, but I was very conscious of it as the glow permeated my immediate scope of vision. The room was being filled with brighter, yellow light and energy.

She ended with ‘Amen’ and I bowed my head and closed my eyes. ‘Amen’

Returning my gaze to the room, the light had softened and it was back to how it was.

I’ve been several times since, received messages and totally believe we are getting that connection. Affirmation; after all, some were of things only I knew ~ There have been orbs too now. Energies all around us. It’s a healing place where people come together and connect. And it makes me feel bliss…

Orbs & Angels

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The phenomena of ORBS is with us…

I have no doubt what so ever that they do exist. Much has been said about the technology of new digital cameras being able to ‘capture’ these images. What ever your take on these photo’s, whether you can accept them for what they are, or whether you are a little more cynical, I only write what I know. I have been able to see them for many years. It first started when I lost my Mother in 2005. I would see these blue orbs floating in the corner of the room. There might be 1,2 or even 5, but they would be there and they would hover. They ‘visited’ when I was at my saddest time. They would visit when I least expected it, but I did see them. At the time, I did not know much of ORBS or spirituality. My life is taking this journey now, and day by day, my spirit is growing. Back to the warm hearted soul that I’ve always been ~ No longer the complete work related stressed wreck that I was. This illness has bought my soul back and I am happy to awaken to it. Apart from blue orbs, I see white ‘sparkles’ and once watched a green sphere, float along the sea in front of me. Like it was playing on the water. No camera available, just a happy memory. Many can’t see the orbs, they come out in the photo’s. Evidence of …? My take is that they are of the universe. Spirits past. Angels joining us. Divine intervention. A visit.

So here we are. I’ve come so far in my spiritual journey that I have decided to share my photo’s with you.  Just double click the images for a better view.  Namaste

Garden Orbs

We have visitors!

Original work mates get together after 25 years service

3 original worksmate back together after 25 years

Original trio

Visit from the Divine

Visit form the Divine

Arch Angel Metatron photo 2

Gift of light

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I am at the end of the rainbow

I am the sunshine after the rain

I am blessed and visited by angels
I am given proof they guide me
In all manner of beautiful ways
JS King
Written from the heart
A poem from my soul


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Hello Everyone

I posted this on my Face Book page today , Sunday 7th August, 2011

“Welcome new friends to my page. I hope you are all in good spirit and enjoying this Sunday… Maybe with family and friends, or peacefully, somewhere quiet and reflective. I’ve been thinking and looking within, to see my spirit guides in meditation. I have met The Great Bear and my Native American guide. Today he wears white, and a single feather… the sign of the angels. Blessed moment.
Wishing peace, light and love as we start a new week. Namaste”

It doesn’t go anywhere near enough to explain the phenomenon of meditation and just what it means to your heart and soul to be able to reach these mystic places. I am so thankful that meditation works for me and that I can connect on a higher plane, to my guides and spirits. These lucid moments have also come to me in momentary visions of short bliss. Recently, whilst relaxing in the garden, under the soft canopy of the umbrella, I closed my eyes. The hot sun was making me squint with it’s brightness. Instant ease and relaxed muscles ensued as I rested my head on the soft cushion. There, in my minds eye, I visioned my mother and father, smiling and looking at me, both wearing sunglasses. It was such a sweet moment. “Oh, you’ve come to see me have you” I asked, and they smiled back at me. It was a clear and vivid moment.  I could really see them. Friday, 5th August, 2011 would have been their 61st Wedding Anniversary. I know, that albeit, for a very brief moment, they had paid a visit to let me know that all was well and that they are still around for us. I could see their happiness, being back together. Their joy. They are “Two Hearts” being together for all time.

What I really love about this, is that I know I only write from the heart. I only write what I know, and when it is written from the heart, by me, you know it’s the truth.



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Dedicated to my Dad, for Father’s Day



It’s Father’s Day Sunday, (19th June, 2011) but I won’t be sending a card. 

It’s been 21 years since I last saw him … I waived him and my Mum goodbye at the train station. They were going to London to visit my sister. 

He was a gentle ‘giant’ of a man. At 6’ 2”, size 11 feet, big, big hands, you knew you were safe when he held you in them. He cooked the best ever egg and chips and always tried to make your dinner look like a picture. Chips would be hair, the egg might be the nose and he would put a trail of baked beans around for a big smile. Kind of heart and kind in nature. I was his ‘Paddy’ (apparently I had a temper as a child) and he was my rock. All my friends loved our parents. They were genuinely very, very nice people and we had a happy childhood. 

It is a blessing, that I gave them a grandson. Dad always used to joke that having four girls, mum and even the cat being a ‘she’ was a bit much for him. When we girls married, and he got son-in-laws, he thought all his dreams had come true. The playing field was finally, evenly matched after all these years. When William was born you could see the pride he felt for him. The instant bond of love between them. After all, he was part his flesh and blood too. 

Sadly, Dad passed away when William was just 3 years old, but I know what great fun they had together in that short time and how happy he had made his Granddad. I have the memories and photos to remind me. 

Grief only stands still until it comes back to haunt you. As I write, the tears fall, as no doubt they will again. I see him looking up at me from his photo and he is smiling. Just how I remember him. 

I am lucky. I know he still comes to see me. In my dreams we talk, and he even tucks me into bed and kisses my forehead. I feel these dreams and they make me happy. I love him with all my heart, but a little piece of it is broken. Till we dream again Dad, Happy Father’s Day. 

Love Paddy x 

To all the Fathers. Happy Fathers Day. 


The journey home...


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We are one. One unit. We link to the new lives around us. We stand firm together in heart and memory. LOVE has no barriers when hearts beat as one. Eternity is ours when love is infinate and undending. Amen JS (Nee ROBERTS) Janet King


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In life as in after, infinate love.

 In tribute to my family

We are one…

One unit

We link to the new lives around us

We stand firm together in heart and memory

LOVE has no barriers when hearts beat as one

Eternity is ours when love is infinate and undending