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This section proudly publishes the guest blog of fellow writers.
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Inspirational Words of Wisdom from Spirit

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Let me introduce to you, Nicola Redmountain Richardson, whose has agreed to be my guest blogger.


We met on social media at the very beginning of 2015, and very quickly became friends.


Nicola is a Healer/ Life Coach / Spiritual Medium / Reiki practitioner and has blessed contact with

her spirit guide ‘Redmountain‘ with whom she writes messages from spirit.


I am delighted she has allowed me to share this with you all. The messages are truly inspiring.


In her words, I will let you read more from this fascinating lady. Please follow the link below.



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Guest writers BLOG

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Let me introduce you to Libby Horsman, writer of the soon to be published book, “The Angel Who Grew Her Wings” due out this summer 2015

Welcome Libby


Change and Transformation 

Hi my name is Libby

I am in the process of writing my first book called “The Angel Who Grew Her Wings” which is to do with my change and transformation that is still an ongoing process. Let me tell you a bit about the book, I won’t let you know everything as I don’t want to spoil it for you…

There are two sides of me; one side is the person I was before I began to change, the other side is who I am today.  I used to lack confidence, was shy, only spoke when I wanted to. Today, I have more confidence, still shy (though not as shy), I speak a lot more.  I am finding my voice again. You will have to read the book when it comes out to discover the rest.

I am still changing and transforming and I am learning and growing. Every day I am working with a mentor who is helping me to be free and to find my wings and to discover what is holding me back and stopping me from becoming the butterfly that I am. I am enjoying the process and enjoying writing the book. The reason why I decided to write the book is because I want to help women realise that they can do anything they dream of if they can find their confidence, face their fears and step out of their comfort zone.  They will be able to see that anything is possible and that they can do it for themselves, not letting people pull them down who will make them feel like they can’t do it … when in fact they can.

Everyone is an unique individual and if they want to do something they should do it regardless of what anyone else says so “Just Go Out And Make All Your Dreams Come True” x

Sending You Sunshine and Smiles x


Likkle Sis’s Blog

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Likkle Sis’ proudly presents Likkle Sis! Ok, let me explain. She is the youngest of the family. I am the second youngest of the family. So we have always been each others ‘likkle sis’. This stems from when we were young and couldn’t talk properly yet, and it’s just stuck. A legacy of childhood times that has journeyed with us into adulthood. We are both married with children, (young adults I should say) both adore pets, and love living by the sea. She is a brave soul, for some of the things she has gone through would scare me witless. She has compassion, friendliness and would do anything for you. She has some great stories to tell and great insights too. She will write from the heart, this I know. So welcome aboard! Likkle sis x