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A short verse of thankfulness…

What ever you are doing today, be blessed. Be a blessing to all those you encounter.

Smile. It really does make a difference to those you see along the way.

Laugh, it’s infectious.

Pay a kindness forward. I call it the ‘ripple’ effect.

Be thankful, for all you have and all that you are.

Simply move forward with grace and love in your heart and love for your fellow man.

This is a beautiful day, and YOU are the air. Breathe deep.

Live and  love your life, relax.

You are loved.

Guest Writing ~

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The title of this piece has been renamed since original conception, as it was commanding a lot of spam  comments. It is indeed, a piece I was interviewed on regarding my book in the making, “The Soul Difference”  I hope you like it. More news on the book to follow. Namaste dear friends

That ‘Twitter’, fate connection has come back into my life.  I know it’s by divine involvement. I was finally drawn to check out a very enthusiastic idea from my ‘Twitter’ chum, Nai’lah Carter. She is a very talented, gifted lady who has enormous willpower and strength. I am inspired by her enthusiasm and driven forward by her everyday ideals.

It is my privilege to be part of this amazing experience.  My ‘tweetheart’ has tagged me for

“The Next Big Thing Blog Hop”.  The purpose of this promo is to be able to discover new books you may not have heard about or for works that are still in progress . This is week 21 and I am required to answer the following 10 ‘questions’  then list 5 other authors who will do as I have done, next Wednesday (TODAY! EEK!)  so must press on.  Here goes nothing:  Heartfelt admiration and thanks  to the lovely,  Nai’lah Carter,

Be inspired. Check it out.

Ten Interview Questions for “The Next Big Thing”:

Q: What is the working title of your book?

A: The Soul Difference…

Q: Where did the idea come from for the book?

A: I  was once  made to feel so bad by an appraisal at work, that I literally felt my life was turning upside down and that there was no way through it.  I’d worked for a very long time for the same company. Working hard and long hours. Over the years, the workload took its toll on my health and I couldn’t cope any more. Behind the scenes, it felt like there was a conspiracy going on,  plotting against me.  The angst just grew and grew.  I sought the help of a spiritual intuitive, and from that day forward, I was slowly, on the way back to finding my soul and my health.

Q: What genre does your book fall under?

A: Spirituality and enlightenment.   I have travelled a long journey since those ‘black’ days. There is light now within my life.

Q: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

A: Julia Roberts without a doubt! Think “ Eat, Love PRAY” ~ GOD dwells within.

Q: What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

A: Love your life.

Q: Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

A:  I believe in me and will take the necessary steps to publish in any guise.

Q: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

A:  In all honesty, the draft took minutes. It was like time standing still. Thoughts, the questions and answers abound though. I’m filling in all the spaces constantly. From the now…

Q: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

A: “You can heal your life” Louise L. Hay and “A little light on the Spiritual Laws” by Diana Cooper

Q: Who or What inspired you to write this book?

A:  My own progress through adversity and the love of God.

Q: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

A: I hope to offer encouragement to believe in yourself and the higher good. The Universe really does deliver. You just have to believe to receive; live in the NOW, act and live your life in pure intent and kindness. What you give, so shall you receive, in wondrous guises you never thought possible before. I trust in my every day, that it will be wondrous and become abundant in many ways.   I am truly blessed and will be guided to live it for the higher good.

Read  these perfectly lovely writer’s web sites and blogs:

More blog links to follow so check in regularly.

Namaste dear friends


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I saw an article recently in the newspaper. The local writers club, (Felixstowe Scribblers) were looking for new members. I really need some discipline in my writing, joining a club, is a good idea I thought. My first task was set; 1,000 words or less on the subject of Missing Person(s)

As you may be aware, I only write what I know and I write from the heart … This story is based on true events back in the 1960’s when I was a little girl, growing up as a ‘Pommie in beautiful Australia. It’s a haunting memory, but with a valuable message. Make sure you teach your children well. Blessings.




Mum and Dad were a bit quiet this morning. They seemed happy enough around us, but then a whisper between them would serve a stillness I wasn’t used to.” You OK mum?”

“Sure, I’m fine. And how are you my ‘sweeeet’ little pumpkin”

She squeezed me up into her loving arms and gave me a big cuddle. I giggled.

“Mum, what’s Dad doing?”

“He’s getting ready to go to work …”

“But it’s Saturday?”

“He’s got an extra job to do …” she explained.

We were £10 Pommies. That’s what they called us immigrants from England. We now lived in a wooden clad house, painted lilac. It was big and very pretty compared to our old place. The nearest neighbours were off in the distance. We could see their houses, but you couldn’t hear them. It had 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and most of all, a big kitchen. Mum loved it. We could get the whole family around the dining table. The house had a veranda all around to shade us from the heat of the unrelenting Aussie sun. To me, it was just fun to run round! And so did Skipper my dog. He’d chase Marmalade the cat with me or my sisters, chasing them both. We’d see who could catch Skipper first.

One time, as I turned the corner, Skipper was coming the other way. I flew right over him. Poor Skip’, he got a telling off from my dad but it wasn’t really his fault. We were just playing. I remember thinking how very different it was from our old house in England. That was made of bricks. This house stood on bricks.

In was 1962, when we moved into the Lilac House, grateful to leave behind the barrack style housing made available for the immigrants. They were half moon in shape and made from corrugated iron and small for a family of our size. Six of us in there was a tight squeeze.

Us kids settled in nicely at school. It was some distance from our new home so we used to ride the bus. That rickety old yellow bus, would stop at the end of the lane every morning to pick us up, and drop us back again in the afternoon. Then we’d walk together, the short distance home.

When I think about those days and that school, my most vivid memory was the smell of the place.

Hot and dusty with choking whiffs of chalk in the air. Kids used to like being blackboard monitor. Not me. I hated the stuff..

One day, we were to paint a picture of someone we knew so that is could be sold to raise funds for the school. I painted one of my mum, with a bright pink smiley face and blue dress. Mum paid sixpence for it and stuck it to the icebox so she could see it every day.

I soon made friends with Kathleen. She and her family were from Ireland. She’d comment on how we were ‘aliens’.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“Well, we are from another country”.

“But I’m not an alien, I’m a Pommie!“ We didn’t know what the actual name was for an Irish immigrant.

“Aliens” she said again laughing. We accepted it and played happily together. Two little kids, away from their homeland. Aussie kids were friendly enough, but she was my best friend.

Today was a very hot day. We hadn’t had rain for weeks. Days like these were best spent at home, but now Dad was going out again. On a Sunday?

I worried. The slightest breeze blew dust in your eyes and kept your horizon very close. Mum packed him off with bottles of water and put them into his rucksack. He donned his wide brimmed hat and tied a scarf around his neck and left, ruffling my hair as he passed me by.

“Where’s he going mum?” I asked… but she didn’t say.

“He’ll be home later”


What has brought this vivid memory back to me is the headline of a daily newspaper;

“Mother reports her two girls missing” ~ A third child, (teenager) being sought”

With relief, I read the next day that although the mother had called the police, very quickly, they had been found. Gone to a ‘friends house’ on what they thought was a ‘sleep over‘. The children were safely back at home.


Then I remembered back to those days in the 60’s and what my poor Dad must have gone through. It was years later before mum told me what had happened. Dad never spoke about it…

“A little girl had gone missing. The police were asking for volunteers to help search the woods. She’d been missing for days and they had to find her fast. Your Dad and others, joined the search parties.

On the second day they’d found her. She’d been killed. It scared us.

It was in the news and on the radio, but me and your dad tried to keep you all safe from it”

Vaguely, I did remember getting the ‘do not talk to strangers and do not accept lifts” talk … They’d sat us down altogether on the big sofa. It really did go in one ear and out the other. I was too young to understand their concern. Not long after, thank goodness my little sister paid more attention …

A man pulled up in a car along beside us as we were walking back to the house. He asked the way to a neighbours address and said he’d give us a lift if we showed him.

“No, I’m not getting in the car” my little sister shouted. “And neither are you!”

She grabbed my arm and we ran off to our house. After telling them, Mum and Dad looked very concerned and just kept hugging us. I don’t remember much else, but I do remember shortly after that, a policeman came calling…

Sadly, later that week, was when Dad joined the search party …



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I have always found it peaceful, to go the beach and take in the view. Lullaby’s from birds nearby and seagulls flying gracefully overhead, it is easy to drop into a meditative state. I focus my awareness on breathing in rhythm with the lap of the shore. The sun is beating down but there is a welcome breeze. This is bliss. I gaze the shoreline and I see an orb, of soft green luminous light floating by. It’s energy pulses and the radiant light is very tranquil. Watching for a few moments longer, it rises and drifts gently away above me. I close my eyes. I have seen another angel. Another being of light and energy. I see them in blues, golds, greens. They are so peaceful to have around. They remind me that I am never alone, my angels watch over me. Consciously now, I thank them for the visit. I thank them for this beautiful moment. I am completely lost in the now moment. At one with myself and the Universe.  I notice a tear which questions me to open my eyes. I can barely take it all in. I look around me. . Everywhere, I see sparkling orbs of light, just like stars on a starry night, but this is morning! This feeling is divine. All my senses come back to me. I can now hear the cars nearby, people talking, a motor boat sail by. Whilst they had disrupted my experience, they didn’t ruin it. I had been truly blessed. Amen.


Bliss by the sea

The Eternal Present

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“You receive purpose, when you set a goal. You are the Light within. The Now. The Eternal Present….

I tweeted that today. I am reminded constantly of my energy and light within. My spirit. When I open my eyes and my heart, I see it not only in myself, but in others and nature. What I give, I shall receive. The glory of this beautiful day is not to be taken lightly. It has been a gift. A gift from the Universe, the Almighty and Mother Nature. In one full swoop, we find our spirits lifted, our hearts happy and our minds at rest. What a divine existence, to live in the now and savour every wonderful moment of the eternal present.

I walked by the sea under a blue sky. I heard the waves gently break the beach with such softness and then a gentle whoosh, only to return with the same beautiful melody. The water glistened a trillion starlight sparkles, as the sun shone bright. The gulls flew up high above singing their song and I am reminded, God dwells within. Opening your heart and living in the now, is eternal.

In the woods, I walked a winding path. I could hear the song of the Robin and Lark. As I looked up into the tall trees, these little black shadows of bird, danced as if no one was watching. Their song constant. The chorus of nature.  Then I spied the first bluebell of the wood. Others not yet in bloom. It was a sight to behold.  Exquisite.

It occurred to me, I had enjoyed all this today and felt lifted in spirit. It had cost me nothing. It was simply free to be enjoyed and enjoying to be free… Namaste

Be …

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“There is a high energy shift today ~ we can all feel it. The light of the sun, blue sky, all gives us that ‘well being factor’ and makes your heart smile. Spend this day wisely. Be knowing of angel presence. Look for the beauty in all around you. When you look for and perceive beauty, you automatically give out beauty and your spirit will soar. You can do GREAT things today. Simply ‘be’ …




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Some of you will recall a lovely photo of my cat.  I shall not mention her name again per chance the ‘spam’ heads that surf the net send even more ridiculous comments for approval. Clearly they haven’t even recognised that it was a picture of my furry feline-friend let alone a ‘fantastic document and insight into just what I was looking for’ etc., etc … so many stupid, even crass comments. I’ve decided to take away their moronic pleasure, and deleted the post. You understand. The real readers. Namaste


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On the 2nd May, 2011 I posted a piece regarding my experiences of meditation. Since then, I have meditated several times, but today, I was drawn to the guided meditation of that same day. Only this time my experience was different… 

As I drift deeper within myself to meet my spirit guide, I find I see myself in Native American dress. I am reminded of how my mother would plait my hair, and I feel the braids hanging against my chest. I hear the sounds of the wild, the flute, some drums and I am at peace as I walk to the clearing in the wood. It has always been blessed with summer light when ever I visit. As a golden orb drifts towards me, I invite it within my realm. It blossoms, spreading golden light all around me. There before me, is my Angel. 

We talk, without words. She shows me the waiting room at A&E. “We were there” she tells me and I am reminded that I had visions of Angels floating amongst us, comforting the sick. “I am with you now to comfort you too” she tells me. I am hugged in a warm enveloping embrace. This is such a good feeling. “You’ve had tough, dark times and I am here to show you all will be well”.  I know I have been worried, but not for me … for others. 

As I thank my guide, my beautiful Angel enfolds in her golden light and the orb drifts away. I am being steadily drawn back to the present, here and now. As I type this, I have relaxed, and all feels well. You have to trust in your angels and spirit guides for they are always here for you and I am lucky, I can go within and meet them. 

The comfort from her visit today has given me strength and great hope. The divine, almighty, are gracing me with their presence as they do all of us, for those who believe, will receive. 


Beyond the horizon – our global village in 2012- Mothers = 1. Love.

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I am privileged to know this lady as not only is she one of my first clients, she is also someone I call friend.
She writes with passion and vision and with her agreement, I am posting this email to the site. Namaste dear Alison x


Hi Jan,
My physical healing continues. After you took me to the physio on Thursday, yesterday I went to see my wonderful  Osteopath  for a massage on my back. She is an English Buddhist and was telling me about her trip to India and Nepal last year to visit Holy Buddhist sites. And of the beliefs of Buddhists. I told her that  my Thai neighbour was also Buddhist and on the Queen of Thailand’s birthday she always had a party to celebrate her birthday ( despite the political ramifications ) and to celebrate all our mothers.
The sun and sea have been amazing since the storms of last week. I thought the sun coming up yesterday was incredible, then the sunset filled the sky with pink light and this morning the sea is ablaze with the sun now the clouds have gone. To put this in context for 2012, here is my quote from Elif Shafak’s book ” The Forty Rules of Love” which I hope we can share with the universe.

” What rules Mom ? What are you talking about?
Ella approached the window and looked at the sky, which was an amazing indigo in all directions. It swirled with an invisible speed of its own , dissolving into nothingness and encountering therein infinite possibilities, like a whirling dervish.

It’s Rule Number Forty ” she said slowly.

” A life without love is of no account. Don’t ask yourself what kind of love you should seek, spiritual or material, divine or mundane, Eastern or Western …. Divisions only lead to more divisions. Love has no labels , no definitions. It is what it is, pure and simple.
” Love is the water of life. And a lover is a soul of fire!
” The Universe turns differently when fire loves water”



The Witches of Ryde Castle

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The haze cleared… a sandy beach beckoned. The witches smiled and then ….the misted crystal ball began to clear. Someone was coming…

Here I am walking along this glorious esplanade and I see a tiny castle….

A tale to unfold...


That’s me, bottom right hand side of the picture. No, not the dog, that’s Abigail, my four legged friend. This view is awesome, but I wonder who is in the tower?

Then my mind takes over…

“She’s thinking of us” said Morgan. “Look, you can see her thoughts in the crystal ball!”

I am imagining two witches, dressed as how we perceive Halloween witches would look. But my witches are dressed in white and they are pretty. No moles or wretched teeth to sour their looks. Azure blue eyes filled with kindness. They are looking and seeing me, imagining them!

A mocking cry entered my head.

“How dare she dress us in white!” said Breanna. “No self respecting witch would be seen dead in white!” . Morgan laughed. “You can’t be serious. I mean really, come on. Where’s your sense of humour”

“What do you mean Morgan?” Breanna asked inquisitively. “I quite like the dresses and look at our beautiful hair” replied Morgan. “Oh and such lovely eyes. I tire of cracking mirrors and seeing my haggard face”. Breanna nodded in agreement. For many a year, they had lived in the tower, only ever allowed out on Halloween night. They would fly the skies on their broomsticks and play tricks. Throwing eggs was not for them. Oh no, they would ring door bells and run away. Sometimes, they would pretend they were real trick or treater’s and ask for sweets. They would cast a spell so they looked especially small and childlike. It was naughty but then they needed some fun on their one night of the year.

As I approached the Tower, I could see a sign, “Fortune telling done here ~ just knock”. I wondered whether to, but my imagination had run wild and I guess I’d scared myself. In my head, I see the witches sit down and slump in disappointment. “She’s gone away” they said, simultaneously. “Now we’ll never know. She could have been the one to break the spell“

I walked on, enjoying the fresh sea air and wondered to myself. Could be true?

To be continued …


J S King ~ Written from the heart 31.10.11