Written from the heart, your stories or poems about angels of all guises.


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I have always found it peaceful, to go the beach and take in the view. Lullaby’s from birds nearby and seagulls flying gracefully overhead, it is easy to drop into a meditative state. I focus my awareness on breathing in rhythm with the lap of the shore. The sun is beating down but there is a welcome breeze. This is bliss. I gaze the shoreline and I see an orb, of soft green luminous light floating by. It’s energy pulses and the radiant light is very tranquil. Watching for a few moments longer, it rises and drifts gently away above me. I close my eyes. I have seen another angel. Another being of light and energy. I see them in blues, golds, greens. They are so peaceful to have around. They remind me that I am never alone, my angels watch over me. Consciously now, I thank them for the visit. I thank them for this beautiful moment. I am completely lost in the now moment. At one with myself and the Universe.  I notice a tear which questions me to open my eyes. I can barely take it all in. I look around me. . Everywhere, I see sparkling orbs of light, just like stars on a starry night, but this is morning! This feeling is divine. All my senses come back to me. I can now hear the cars nearby, people talking, a motor boat sail by. Whilst they had disrupted my experience, they didn’t ruin it. I had been truly blessed. Amen.


Bliss by the sea

Be …

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“There is a high energy shift today ~ we can all feel it. The light of the sun, blue sky, all gives us that ‘well being factor’ and makes your heart smile. Spend this day wisely. Be knowing of angel presence. Look for the beauty in all around you. When you look for and perceive beauty, you automatically give out beauty and your spirit will soar. You can do GREAT things today. Simply ‘be’ …




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On the 2nd May, 2011 I posted a piece regarding my experiences of meditation. Since then, I have meditated several times, but today, I was drawn to the guided meditation of that same day. Only this time my experience was different… 

As I drift deeper within myself to meet my spirit guide, I find I see myself in Native American dress. I am reminded of how my mother would plait my hair, and I feel the braids hanging against my chest. I hear the sounds of the wild, the flute, some drums and I am at peace as I walk to the clearing in the wood. It has always been blessed with summer light when ever I visit. As a golden orb drifts towards me, I invite it within my realm. It blossoms, spreading golden light all around me. There before me, is my Angel. 

We talk, without words. She shows me the waiting room at A&E. “We were there” she tells me and I am reminded that I had visions of Angels floating amongst us, comforting the sick. “I am with you now to comfort you too” she tells me. I am hugged in a warm enveloping embrace. This is such a good feeling. “You’ve had tough, dark times and I am here to show you all will be well”.  I know I have been worried, but not for me … for others. 

As I thank my guide, my beautiful Angel enfolds in her golden light and the orb drifts away. I am being steadily drawn back to the present, here and now. As I type this, I have relaxed, and all feels well. You have to trust in your angels and spirit guides for they are always here for you and I am lucky, I can go within and meet them. 

The comfort from her visit today has given me strength and great hope. The divine, almighty, are gracing me with their presence as they do all of us, for those who believe, will receive. 


Orbs & Angels

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The phenomena of ORBS is with us…

I have no doubt what so ever that they do exist. Much has been said about the technology of new digital cameras being able to ‘capture’ these images. What ever your take on these photo’s, whether you can accept them for what they are, or whether you are a little more cynical, I only write what I know. I have been able to see them for many years. It first started when I lost my Mother in 2005. I would see these blue orbs floating in the corner of the room. There might be 1,2 or even 5, but they would be there and they would hover. They ‘visited’ when I was at my saddest time. They would visit when I least expected it, but I did see them. At the time, I did not know much of ORBS or spirituality. My life is taking this journey now, and day by day, my spirit is growing. Back to the warm hearted soul that I’ve always been ~ No longer the complete work related stressed wreck that I was. This illness has bought my soul back and I am happy to awaken to it. Apart from blue orbs, I see white ‘sparkles’ and once watched a green sphere, float along the sea in front of me. Like it was playing on the water. No camera available, just a happy memory. Many can’t see the orbs, they come out in the photo’s. Evidence of …? My take is that they are of the universe. Spirits past. Angels joining us. Divine intervention. A visit.

So here we are. I’ve come so far in my spiritual journey that I have decided to share my photo’s with you.  Just double click the images for a better view.  Namaste

Garden Orbs

We have visitors!

Original work mates get together after 25 years service

3 original worksmate back together after 25 years

Original trio

Visit from the Divine

Visit form the Divine

Arch Angel Metatron photo 2

Gift of light

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I am at the end of the rainbow

I am the sunshine after the rain

I am blessed and visited by angels
I am given proof they guide me
In all manner of beautiful ways
JS King
Written from the heart
A poem from my soul


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Angels come in all guises… not least earth angels that maybe unwittingly, do something that brightens someones day. So my blog today is to say thank you to my earth angel Sparky, the power of your words are almighty. Bliss.