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Never under estimate the power of giving. You can deliver a difference by simple acts of kindness. What might seem of little consequence to you, can mean the world to someone else. With each act of kindess, you cause a ripple effect, and that loving circle expands humanity to higher realms. And what you give, so you shall receive and good karma is mitigated. J S King ~ Namaste my friends


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I attended the Spiritualist church that my medium had recommended and went on Sunday.

As my husband and daughter were at work, I was on my own and felt compelled to go along. We were few in number, maybe 30 people. It’s premises are not church like – they exist from a very large Victorian House, and have been established since 1926. Going through the door, I told myself this was meant to be. I was greeted by a kind, smiling elderly lady, who when I told her that it was my first time here, took a moment to show me the way to the meeting. There, a few people turned to see who was entering and I proffered my hello’s and again, was greeted with smiles. From the way people were seated, I could tell I was not the only person there to attend on my own. I didn’t feel awkward or out of place. The service started. We had readings of love and guidance. Prayers for peace and harmony. Sang hymns I loved and knew. I was very comfortable here with what I was doing, seeing and hearing.

The guest medium then rose. She gave a heart warming speech on our troubled times.

(Bin Laden’s death had been announced) Whilst some of the world rejoices in his death, I agreed with the speaker in feeling that justice might have been better served if he’d stood sentence. Everyone has their opinions. I make no point of who is right or wrong. It is what it is.

I listened intently. I was hoping I might see some signs myself here with so much spirituality in the room, but I didn’t see any orbs. Then as the medium grew more passionate with her words, the light immediately around her became very bright. Almost as if the sun had come out of a dark cloud. I couldn’t believe for a moment what I was seeing, but I was very conscious of it as the glow permeated my immediate scope of vision. The room was being filled with brighter, yellow light and energy.

She ended with ‘Amen’ and I bowed my head and closed my eyes. ‘Amen’

Returning my gaze to the room, the light had softened and it was back to how it was.

I’ve been several times since, received messages and totally believe we are getting that connection. Affirmation; after all, some were of things only I knew ~ There have been orbs too now. Energies all around us. It’s a healing place where people come together and connect. And it makes me feel bliss…

Orbs & Angels

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The phenomena of ORBS is with us…

I have no doubt what so ever that they do exist. Much has been said about the technology of new digital cameras being able to ‘capture’ these images. What ever your take on these photo’s, whether you can accept them for what they are, or whether you are a little more cynical, I only write what I know. I have been able to see them for many years. It first started when I lost my Mother in 2005. I would see these blue orbs floating in the corner of the room. There might be 1,2 or even 5, but they would be there and they would hover. They ‘visited’ when I was at my saddest time. They would visit when I least expected it, but I did see them. At the time, I did not know much of ORBS or spirituality. My life is taking this journey now, and day by day, my spirit is growing. Back to the warm hearted soul that I’ve always been ~ No longer the complete work related stressed wreck that I was. This illness has bought my soul back and I am happy to awaken to it. Apart from blue orbs, I see white ‘sparkles’ and once watched a green sphere, float along the sea in front of me. Like it was playing on the water. No camera available, just a happy memory. Many can’t see the orbs, they come out in the photo’s. Evidence of …? My take is that they are of the universe. Spirits past. Angels joining us. Divine intervention. A visit.

So here we are. I’ve come so far in my spiritual journey that I have decided to share my photo’s with you.  Just double click the images for a better view.  Namaste

Garden Orbs

We have visitors!

Original work mates get together after 25 years service

3 original worksmate back together after 25 years

Original trio

Visit from the Divine

Visit form the Divine

Arch Angel Metatron photo 2

Gift of light

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I am at the end of the rainbow

I am the sunshine after the rain

I am blessed and visited by angels
I am given proof they guide me
In all manner of beautiful ways
JS King
Written from the heart
A poem from my soul


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Hello Everyone

I posted this on my Face Book page today , Sunday 7th August, 2011

“Welcome new friends to my page. I hope you are all in good spirit and enjoying this Sunday… Maybe with family and friends, or peacefully, somewhere quiet and reflective. I’ve been thinking and looking within, to see my spirit guides in meditation. I have met The Great Bear and my Native American guide. Today he wears white, and a single feather… the sign of the angels. Blessed moment.
Wishing peace, light and love as we start a new week. Namaste”

It doesn’t go anywhere near enough to explain the phenomenon of meditation and just what it means to your heart and soul to be able to reach these mystic places. I am so thankful that meditation works for me and that I can connect on a higher plane, to my guides and spirits. These lucid moments have also come to me in momentary visions of short bliss. Recently, whilst relaxing in the garden, under the soft canopy of the umbrella, I closed my eyes. The hot sun was making me squint with it’s brightness. Instant ease and relaxed muscles ensued as I rested my head on the soft cushion. There, in my minds eye, I visioned my mother and father, smiling and looking at me, both wearing sunglasses. It was such a sweet moment. “Oh, you’ve come to see me have you” I asked, and they smiled back at me. It was a clear and vivid moment.  I could really see them. Friday, 5th August, 2011 would have been their 61st Wedding Anniversary. I know, that albeit, for a very brief moment, they had paid a visit to let me know that all was well and that they are still around for us. I could see their happiness, being back together. Their joy. They are “Two Hearts” being together for all time.

What I really love about this, is that I know I only write from the heart. I only write what I know, and when it is written from the heart, by me, you know it’s the truth.



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We are one. One unit. We link to the new lives around us. We stand firm together in heart and memory. LOVE has no barriers when hearts beat as one. Eternity is ours when love is infinate and undending. Amen JS (Nee ROBERTS) Janet King


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My earliest memory. It was 1962.  My parents, siblings and I, travelled to London. This was very exciting as most of us had never travelled to the capital, although my mother was a true Londoner, having been born within the sound of Bow Bells. I don’t recall how we got there, or where exactly we’d travelled from, but I do recall one thing. We were going to AUSTRALIA HOUSE.  

Our application for immigration to Australia was quickly accepted. In those days, it wasn’t a prerequisite to have a trade or craftsmanship in order to qualify for entry. They merely wanted families, to come to Australia with promises of a new life, new start and better way of living. With four children in the family, we were practically guaranteed (after passing our medicals). 

I can only recall a few memories of being on board the ‘SS Orsova‘. We travelled through calm seas  and I would feel happy  watching and enjoying the waves. I liked watching the night sky too.  When the heavens are surrounded by an ocean horizon, even now I remember how big I thought it was.  I loved the stars, they fascinated me. Little did I know then  what a big part the stars and the universe were  playing  in my life. We also had very rough seas and felt seasick.  My big sister used to say it was all in the mind. She’d go up on top deck and take in the fresh air. I used to think she was mad but mum and dad didn’t mind. I’m sure one of them must have been with her. Rough seas did make for rough tummies, well at least for some of us. I recall that breakfast was quite lavish, and that you could have cereal and scrambled eggs with ham, which was always one of my favourites. Till one day, my little sister was feeling a bit seasick. Everywhere. I skipped breakfast that day.  

Now I’m blissfully reminded of fancy dress day! I was looking through my mother’s photo’s for the ‘certificate’ which was awarded for crossing Sydney Harbour Bridge. However, I stumble across a small wallet of hers that she used to keep her Disney passes in (much later stories from the 90/00’s).  There are several of those in there but also this snapshot of ‘entertainment’ on board. The fancy Dress Competition ~ The Menu Girl! That’s me… I don’t recall who won, but I had forgotten I was in it.  My little sister is the bathing belle beauty to the left.


Landing in Australia, Sydney was the last port of call, after Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.  Our first house was like a campsite, army barrack style. Semi-circle, round  huts made up of what looked like corrugated iron. We were housed there before being allotted our first home, number 14 Boundary Road, Liverpool, some 20 miles outside Sydney.  I remember the house was made of wood and it had a veranda.  This was to help shade the sun from overheating us mortals inside.  It offered some respite and I do recall evenings on the porch, just playing. A gentle wind would kindly cool you down, whilst the evening sun dropped below the horizon. The house was single storey, had two bedrooms and a kitchen with living room one end. There was an outside ‘dunny’ and we had a tin bath. No surviving pictures exist but in my mind, it is quite clear. It stood on a big plot of land. Dad was afraid it would fall down around our ears any minute, but to me, it was our castle. We were not there very long before we were offered a bigger house to accommodate our needs. I.e., more bedrooms. Without doubt, I recall this house  too. It was also wooden, standing on brick plinths and it was painted lilac. I thought we had a castle before but this was a stately mansion compared in size. We had 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and toilet inside the house and a kitchen so big that we had a dinner table in there big enough for us all to sit and eat together. It had a lengthy hallway running from front to back of the house and I remember with vivid recall how we used to clean and polish the linoleum.  My big sister would tie rags to our feet and we would skate and slide until it shone new as a pin. To this day I wonder how we didn’t break our necks, that is, if we were using real polish…

Our nearest neighbours were 100 yards away.  A family home one side and  a farmer the other. His property ran for acres and I remember he kept chickens. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Noise didn’t seem to be an issue, although I can recall hearing a cockerel crow. Across from our house was nothing but country side. It was adorned with yellow flowering native wattle trees and shrubs. The earth was red, dusty and you wouldn’t want to be outside if the winds really blew. Dust was a big problem. I remember that.  We were told not to go over there to play because of all the critters that might be about. One day, the Jacaranda tree bloomed. Not indigenous and rare in these parts to bloom at all, but it was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen and the colour matched our house perfectly. 

  This is a Jacaranda tree. Now you can see why it is so beautiful.


Some of my happiest memories from those days revolve around our pets. Our wonderful dog Skipper and Marmalade the cat. Skipper, was a cross breed collie, with black and brown tan fur. If any chickens got out from the farm, he used to love to chase them, till we’d called him back to us.  He was very obedient. Those ‘chooks got a lot of exercise though! Funny now, but it wasn’t for them…  Marmalade was  mostly ginger, quite petite, short haired and had black and white in her too. She was very affectionate, and when she wasn’t asleep with the dog, she’d be hiding in one of our beds.

Skipper was the most faithful dog ever. We rescued him as a pup from a local dog pound. He would sit and wait at the gate till we got on the bus for school. Then he would chase the bus watching us leave until we drew out of sight. One time he ran with us nearly all the way to Bankstown, some good few miles away.  When we got home in the afternoon, he’d be there waiting  for us. We’d play ball, fetch and chase!  He used to run  round the house and then I would run the opposite way. He could run really fast but it was always great fun to catch up with him. He used to stop at the front corner of the house ready to jump up at me when he heard me coming!  One time, he hadn’t stopped and I went flying over him.  He got into trouble for that, but it wasn’t Skipper’s fault. We were just playing. Likewise, Skipper used to play this game with Marmalade the cat, who was not quite so keen to participate. Generally, she would find the gap in the mesh under the house and hide there until Skipper gave up. Still, they would eat at the same place in the kitchen and they would sleep in the same room. They would never fight. There was mutual respect. They were good mates.  

One day we were playing in the front yard when my sister started screaming that Marmalade was stuck up a tree,  having been chased there by three dogs who had appeared from nowhere. The barking was intense and Marmalade climbed higher up the tree. She looked very frightened and was out of reach. I ran to the house to get my dad and Skipper came charging out across the road to where the dogs were. There wasn’t a dog fight, but Skipper stood his ground and gnarled and growled at the dogs. With my dad now there, my sister and I, Skipper had run them off. Marmalade was still up the tree but we couldn’t coax her down. We left her and went back inside and kept a safe watch. Dad said if she didn’t come down, he would fetch a ladder from somewhere. This scared me. I wasn’t sure if a ladder would reach. Only minutes later, though, Skipper had saved the day. As we looked out the window, we could see Skipper waiting at the bottom of the tree. Marmalade was edging her way down the bark. She landed right beside him and he nuzzled her. As we came to the gate, Skipper was escorting Marmalade back across the road. So it seems, although he could make her life a  misery at times with all the cat and dog chases, it was their game and no-one, no dog, was ever going to come between them. Skipper was my hero and Marmalade’s too. 

I do have very fond memories of Australia, but it was sadness that bought us back to the UK. Four years and six months later, we were making plans to return.  

My Great Grandfather was dying. Work was drying up, there was redundancy on the cards. Money was tight and times were tough. Most of all, my parents were homesick. I was too young to remember anything of the UK and my first infant years. The decision was made to go ‘home’. Grandfather wired us the money for the return (£1,000) and our journey on SS Aurelia was booked. We packed our trunks and took as many of our possessions as we could. Space was limited. Not much made it back.   It was 1967.

When I think of Skipper and Marmalade now I  can be  so moved by the memories that I cry. We all hated having to leave them behind. To this day, a little bit of my heart is broken. I was only 6 years old and it was my first experience of grief.  Marmalade had been found a home and Skipper had gone to live on a sheep farm. I have never owned a dog since, but cats, well, that’s another story…


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Angels come in all guises… not least earth angels that maybe unwittingly, do something that brightens someones day. So my blog today is to say thank you to my earth angel Sparky, the power of your words are almighty. Bliss.


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What follows is my true recollection of a guided meditation to find my inner guide. My only wish is that meditation worked for everybody. Sadly for some it doesn’t, or maybe  just not right  now in their lives. Comfort will come to them in other ways.   



Guided Meditation ~ This is an account of my true life experience meditating. As I listen to the tape, I am comfortable and relaxed. My feelings of anxiousness have disappeared and I know I am being comforted. The gentle voice guides me through my meditation and what follows, is how it really happened…   
Allow your body to gently relax. Move yourself around on your chair until you feel perfectly comfortable. I am comfortable, breathing easy. Now I want you to move your attention DOWN from your head to your chin and DOWN from your chin to your throat and DOWN from your throat to your chest. DOWN, DOWN to your stomach.   

Now move down into that safe place deep within yourself, that place which is just below your navel. This is your sacred sanctuary, a place that only you know about. I am breathing easy and see a yellow aura, a warm glow.  

From that place, I want you to move into the hallway in your mind. Along the hallway are many doors. One particular door is of golden light. You feel drawn by that door and you move through the door of light into a place of peace, comfort and protection. These doors are on the left hand side only, curling off into the distance. One door is open and I see myself walk through. I see my clothes I am wearing today as I walk through the door, I am viewing from above. I see myself in the woodland already…Once through the door, you find yourself on a path through the woods. As you move along the path, you faintly hear the sound of water. Birds sing in the trees.I can hear a bird tweet, and water running. It is bubbling, moving gently..   

The sunlight filters through the canopy of deep, green trees overhead. A warm, gentle breeze caresses your face and blows lightly through your hair. I am grounded, and can see looking up, the sunlight through the trees, the warm sunshine is cascading down through them and I feel the air on my face as I look up. You feel as if you are being kissed by God. The warmth of the sun is how I feel God is with me. The smell of the forest and of wild flowers surrounds you, bathing you in an essence so sweet and so wild that your senses are reeling. I smell earth and water…You come to a body of water. Because it is part of the enchanted forest, this water is pure, clean and clear. I see it clearly and hear it’s gentle rippling sound. It is cool and inviting. You sit on the edge of the bank and dip your cup into the sacred water and you drink. I drink some water and note that it is from a plastic cup that has appeared in my hand You are comforted and refreshed.  

You arise and continue moving on your path through these wondrous woods. Soon you come to a clearing in the trees. The clearing is cupping the horizon within my view, it is quite close and through the centre, there is light. The clearing is surrounded by stately oaks, their branches extended to protect you. The colour of the wild flowers stands out strong against the greens of the grasses and the brown-black of the tree barks. These flowers are purple, like bluebells and have slender, green grass around them. They carpet the floor of the wood. You breathe deeply of the sweet air. You know this place… you’ve been here before. Maybe in your dreams or maybe in life – it doesn’t matter. You just know that it is your haven.Yes   

I have been here before in a previous meditation and I can’t help but smile as I remember my beautiful guide. An angel -like dove with soft white wings which expanded to hold me. An aqua orb is in my view now and it is glowing and changing to gold hovering in the distance … There is wonderful, soft green grass growing here and it invites you to sit down and rest. Now you begin to hear in the distance other-worldly music,I am already hearing distance sounds of American Indian chants and flute   

Tibetan bells… flute music… I hear the flute music soft chanting… I am hearing the soft chanting and I have an American eagle soaring in the sky around me.You listen carefully, as you feel drawn to the music.   

You look up and see purple mountains in the distance. There’s the eagle . There are snow capped mountains in the far distance and he shows me what he can see from above. It is breathtaking. As you look, a tiny golden light appears. It draws closer and closer to you. This gold orb is coming toward me now leaving a glowing trail. It floats gently up the path toward your little sanctuary. Its light is soft and gentle. Yet it shines with a brilliance you have never seen. It is glowing with candle like qualities, solid and radiant at the same time. As it reaches the outer edge of your sanctuary, it stops and becomes a large pulsating crystalline light. You watch. You wait. It has started to expand like a snow crystal and is bright white. You give the light permission to enter your space. I have bowed my head in respect and acknowledgement. The Light draws forward and hovers just before you. The Light shimmers. Soft strands of gold stream forth like a flower blossoming. As each petal of this light unfolds, you see that something or someone is inside. I recall the wings of my previous guide, (a dove) but I see the head rise and this time it is my American Bald Eagle. Then you see before you a wondrous being that you recognize as your spirit guide. You know it is your spirit guide because you feel a strong surging of love pouring out from it to you and you feel, deep in your heart, a strong answering outpouring of love from you to it. The Eagle has come to give me strength and power. It is showing me that it flies the skies and that you can reach heaven. It has no boundaries and it is free. It shows me he has come to protect and guide me. You feel completely safe with this being. It may or may not tell you its name, but it calls you by your name. The Eagle holds me in it’s mighty wings. We do not speak. Spirit Guides will take any form that you need to understand right now. It can be in the form of a human, an animal, an object or some divine form. See it! imagine it! Know it is real! So very real, I could see the contour of it’s feather, hear them rustle and the reflection of myself in it’s eye. What form is your spirit guide in? Again, it is a beautiful bird. What shape is it? It is so grand. It is all knowing, all seeing.   

If it is human, is it male or female? What does it smell like? What colour is it? It has a white regal head and brown eyes. He is the epitome of strength. I have a tear rolling down my cheek as he embraces me.  What does it feel like? He feels safe. Begin to carry on a conversation with this wondrous being. Ask its name. What is its purpose? Why has it come to you? We are communicating, but we are not speaking. He has come to give me strength and keep me safe. No Words. He shows me soaring free in the sky with no shackles of life to hold him down. Let this being communicate itself to you and tell you why it is working with you. He has come to give me love and above all strength to realise my dreams. He knows I have felt scared, about the future, and comforts me in his wings   

Ask it how best to call upon it in the future. He shows me to come back to this place and my guides will be here for me. I may not see you Eagle, and I remember my Dove guide. Both stand tall and proud with comforting wings. Eagle lets me know he flies up over me, even though I may not see him. Ask it to let you know it is there, consciously, within the next few days, whenever you need help. He shows me wondrous flocks of birds in flight. When you feel finished, thank your guide for the opportunity to meet and work with it. I am comforted. His winged embrace has subsided. I see him soar high above me over to the mountains. As the golden light folds back up around your guide, send it off with your best thoughts and love. The orb is now in front of me, it’s white light subsiding to a golden glow.  As it withdraws from your space, moving back up the path, you sit back down in your spot. You understand that in this inner sanctuary you invite any and all of your guides into your awareness. And I am blessed. This is exciting and you are fascinated with your experience, your experience of expanding your horizons. You breathe deeply, relaxing and reliving in your mind, what has happened. BREATHE.   

As you do so, the path and the woods begin to fade and you find yourself gently coming back to the present… to this room, this time and this place. It is like the lights going up in a cinema. You have been watching this magical scene unfold on the screen in front of you. You have taken in every word and been there. Right there, in the moment. You have been transported to a different world away from it all…When you are ready, be sure to drink some water and maybe eat a slice of bread to ground yourself.   

Right now, it would be helpful to you if you wrote down all you have experienced, exactly as it happened. I did. This is what I know..Bless you. A true gift    

JS King   

Footnote: Daily Express Saturday 28th May page 33 

Incredible picture captured by Pam Mullins/Solent taken near her home in Bristish Columbia, Canada. Very powerful and gifted photographer 



and from the web …

FEATHER OR NOT   A bald eagle appears to leave contrails — which actually belong to a passing jet — in the skies above British Columbia, Canada.  (Photo: Pam Mullins / Solent News via the Telegraph)

“Eagle… fly high, Touch the great spirit

Share your medicine

Touch me, honor me

So that I may know you too

Quote from Medecine Cards – Jamie Sams & David Carson

Bear & Company Publishing

Gift of light … JS King

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Divine rainbow light

I’d gone to the park one lunchtime. It was lovely and warm so I took a blanket and sat down on the grass. Looking at the beautful clouds in the sky, I took a photo. I was so excited. I had received a rainbow! Divine light. It blessed my day and lifted my spirits. It prooves you can’t always see things, but they are there. This is what I know.