Christmas Surprise 2014

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Christmas is a time of wonderment for children. A  time of excitement. A time of dreams and wishes.  One thing you forget about is that as adults you now have to do everything. You buy  food, you wrap the presents, you  ‘arrange everything’. As children that was all magically done for us by Santa…

TIll this Christmas when the magic of it all came winging its way back to me.

Fate conspired to bring the whole family back together on Christmas Eve-eve something which hasn’t happened ever… Let alone Christmas Eve pm (all working parents will know what I mean.  The bosses snatching to get everything out of you before the holidays.

This year (2014) was different for two reasons;  I am now self employed. My son is self employed. My daughter works in retail but was magically given her share of the holiday finishing at midday on the eve-eve.  Our son now making his way down the A1, can slumber his business till the whole enterprise wakes up again in the new year.  And then to put the icing on the cake or top the tree with the angel, my husband gets offered a lieu day holiday.  This now means that with all events conspired together, we are together as a family, christmas eve-eve.  It’s such a rare event I could compare it to Haley’s comet…

The shear memory of this is now being recorded from my very wonderful surprise present. Yes. Technology has come home to me and No  do I sit in the study writing my blog, I am remote… In the living room with my new iPad. I love apple xx

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