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Dedicated to my Dad, for Father’s Day



It’s Father’s Day Sunday, (19th June, 2011) but I won’t be sending a card. 

It’s been 21 years since I last saw him … I waived him and my Mum goodbye at the train station. They were going to London to visit my sister. 

He was a gentle ‘giant’ of a man. At 6’ 2”, size 11 feet, big, big hands, you knew you were safe when he held you in them. He cooked the best ever egg and chips and always tried to make your dinner look like a picture. Chips would be hair, the egg might be the nose and he would put a trail of baked beans around for a big smile. Kind of heart and kind in nature. I was his ‘Paddy’ (apparently I had a temper as a child) and he was my rock. All my friends loved our parents. They were genuinely very, very nice people and we had a happy childhood. 

It is a blessing, that I gave them a grandson. Dad always used to joke that having four girls, mum and even the cat being a ‘she’ was a bit much for him. When we girls married, and he got son-in-laws, he thought all his dreams had come true. The playing field was finally, evenly matched after all these years. When William was born you could see the pride he felt for him. The instant bond of love between them. After all, he was part his flesh and blood too. 

Sadly, Dad passed away when William was just 3 years old, but I know what great fun they had together in that short time and how happy he had made his Granddad. I have the memories and photos to remind me. 

Grief only stands still until it comes back to haunt you. As I write, the tears fall, as no doubt they will again. I see him looking up at me from his photo and he is smiling. Just how I remember him. 

I am lucky. I know he still comes to see me. In my dreams we talk, and he even tucks me into bed and kisses my forehead. I feel these dreams and they make me happy. I love him with all my heart, but a little piece of it is broken. Till we dream again Dad, Happy Father’s Day. 

Love Paddy x 

To all the Fathers. Happy Fathers Day. 


The journey home...

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  1. ann roberts says:

    Wonderful blog for a very dear Dad. Always in our hearts and Dad would read this Jan,and say–Well I never (one of his catch phrases)it’s a beautiful article and written “from the heart indeed ” Bless you Paddy. X

  2. Winkle sis, aka little s**t, to my TaDada says:

    Not sure if I have read this before Jin, but truly lovely. And as you had tears writing, my shirt is wet when reading. On this anniversary day the candle is lit, the picture, with Mum, is by the candle. And I remember TaDada was in a dream last night, and you were there too. You were helping me get up some stairs and dad was sitting on a floor with some others and there was a snake, and it was getting in the way, then the snake bit his head a bit, which really just made me aware that his hair was the same, though now a little red because of the bite. Think that has something to do with the avatar of you I was trying to do yesterday with red hair. All was good though, it was not a bad dream, bits were funny, and it was like Dad was just popping into it. Anyway, I wanted to let you know I love what you wrote. Love you likkle sis x

    Love wikkle sis, aka little s**t xx with affection

  3. BREN REILLY says:

    Read this…and can agree ..absolutely wonderful man;
    And your mum too, always a warm welcome when a load of us turned up unannounced…adorable people

    • Janet says:

      Wonderful to hear from you and that you remember them both so well, reminding us all of those heady days of the 70’s ~ They loved to entertain! Thank you.

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