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I have always found it peaceful, to go the beach and take in the view. Lullaby’s from birds nearby and seagulls flying gracefully overhead, it is easy to drop into a meditative state. I focus my awareness on breathing in rhythm with the lap of the shore. The sun is beating down but there is a welcome breeze. This is bliss. I gaze the shoreline and I see an orb, of soft green luminous light floating by. It’s energy pulses and the radiant light is very tranquil. Watching for a few moments longer, it rises and drifts gently away above me. I close my eyes. I have seen another angel. Another being of light and energy. I see them in blues, golds, greens. They are so peaceful to have around. They remind me that I am never alone, my angels watch over me. Consciously now, I thank them for the visit. I thank them for this beautiful moment. I am completely lost in the now moment. At one with myself and the Universe.  I notice a tear which questions me to open my eyes. I can barely take it all in. I look around me. . Everywhere, I see sparkling orbs of light, just like stars on a starry night, but this is morning! This feeling is divine. All my senses come back to me. I can now hear the cars nearby, people talking, a motor boat sail by. Whilst they had disrupted my experience, they didn’t ruin it. I had been truly blessed. Amen.


Bliss by the sea

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