Happy Memories ~ “Pink Sausages”

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‘Pink sausages’ ~
By Witchypoo, Aveley
I stood by my kitchen window very early this morning, on the 30th March 2011.
Gazing out into the forest view the words PINK SAUSAGES started dancing around my brain !
Ok, wierd? Or mad? Or in need of meds?…….add the fact that I was being cajoled into sending my thoughts to my little sister.
When we were children, my mum would play a Laughing Game. First  one to laugh after trying to out-stare the other was the looser !
She would look deep into my eyes and then say PINK SAUSAGES. Not fare because  she always made me laugh !
So….has this been a good day?
Well, my sister got some divine light and my physcic friend rang, she had been sent a vision ( all of which relates to Mum and my beloved sister Zena ) and me ??? Well,   I got some PINK SAUSAGES!

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