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I attended the Spiritualist church that my medium had recommended and went on Sunday.

As my husband and daughter were at work, I was on my own and felt compelled to go along. We were few in number, maybe 30 people. It’s premises are not church like – they exist from a very large Victorian House, and have been established since 1926. Going through the door, I told myself this was meant to be. I was greeted by a kind, smiling elderly lady, who when I told her that it was my first time here, took a moment to show me the way to the meeting. There, a few people turned to see who was entering and I proffered my hello’s and again, was greeted with smiles. From the way people were seated, I could tell I was not the only person there to attend on my own. I didn’t feel awkward or out of place. The service started. We had readings of love and guidance. Prayers for peace and harmony. Sang hymns I loved and knew. I was very comfortable here with what I was doing, seeing and hearing.

The guest medium then rose. She gave a heart warming speech on our troubled times.

(Bin Laden’s death had been announced) Whilst some of the world rejoices in his death, I agreed with the speaker in feeling that justice might have been better served if he’d stood sentence. Everyone has their opinions. I make no point of who is right or wrong. It is what it is.

I listened intently. I was hoping I might see some signs myself here with so much spirituality in the room, but I didn’t see any orbs. Then as the medium grew more passionate with her words, the light immediately around her became very bright. Almost as if the sun had come out of a dark cloud. I couldn’t believe for a moment what I was seeing, but I was very conscious of it as the glow permeated my immediate scope of vision. The room was being filled with brighter, yellow light and energy.

She ended with ‘Amen’ and I bowed my head and closed my eyes. ‘Amen’

Returning my gaze to the room, the light had softened and it was back to how it was.

I’ve been several times since, received messages and totally believe we are getting that connection. Affirmation; after all, some were of things only I knew ~ There have been orbs too now. Energies all around us. It’s a healing place where people come together and connect. And it makes me feel bliss…

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