Mother’s Day – Signs from Mum

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there and to those we remember in spirit

I am reminded frequently that my mother’s spirit is often around me. She sends me little ‘nudges’ which I acknowledge, with a smile and gratitude that I am never truly alone.  Some examples are hugging her (and my dad) in vivid dreams. My birthday in 2013, I was going through some papers in the study when as if telepathically, I was told to open the green folder. “Keep looking”, so I did. Amongst the cards was one that said “Happy birthday dearest daughter” It was one of my  happiest nudges yet.  Their tunes on the radio, or in shops, they all serve to remind me of their presence still, in my life.

Saturday, unusually for me, I had work to do before a client comes home from their holiday. So I was out early, leaving hubby at home to continue clearing out the garage. A task we tackle many times, especially when we are looking for something.  It always takes ages; we always throw lots of stuff away or recycle. I was glad I was working (wry smile)

Nearly three hours later and I’m home again. I go to get washed up and change and I shout out to my daughter, who is downstairs with kitty on her lap. “Where’s dad?” “Still in the garage, and he’s got a surprise for you”.

Straight away, ‘Mum’s blooming onion cutter’ popped into my head.  I nearly said as much to my daughter but didn’t.  As I make my way back downstairs, my hubby is now in the dining room, telling me to look in the bag.

“Blooming onion cutter isn’t it!” I tell him. He is always astounded when I do that ‘thing’ that I do,  but he had a lovely smile on his face. Yes, he’d found the cutter, in the cupboard amongst the tins of paint… Took me just a moment to realise Mother’s Day was upon us and this was no doubt her way of ‘nudging’ me, to remember the good times and I am drawn to a memory of being in Outback’s Steakhouse, on the I92, Kissimmee with my sister and her family and mum enjoying a ‘Blooming Onion’ starter.  Mum had bought the cutter but never got to use it, now I finally will.  Happy, happy memories of our time in Disney and mums wonderful love of Mickey Mouse.

We had looked for that cutter, several times before on previous clear-outs. I’d come to the conclusion I maybe had thrown it away… obviously. Mum knew better.


Whatever you’re doing this Mother’s Day, may it be special for you, and for her. I know mine is…

2 Responses to Mother’s Day – Signs from Mum

  1. Robert Mason says:

    Thank you for sharing, Janet – that is lovely xx

  2. Janet says:

    Namaste Robert… thanks for your support and liking x

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