Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day

by JS King, Suffolk

Mothers Day

I remember I painted your picture once

With a bright pink face and blue dress

and you said you loved it

I remember you made my costume for the school play

It was glittery and had a net skirt

and you said I was very good

I remember we went to see the Osmond’s together

We went by train to London

and you said you wouldn’t have missed it for the world

I remember how you’ve held my babies in your arms

Both big and small … and how you’ve helped look after them

and you said, you don’t mind one little bit

and I remember, I may not always say thank you’s and I love you’s

but don’t you ever, ever, forget

On this mother’s day, HAPPY MOTHERS DAYS

I send my love

A life lost. A tragedy for those she leaves behind. But happy memories do

live on and her sweet natured spirit is within us all.

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