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The phenomena of ORBS is with us…

I have no doubt what so ever that they do exist. Much has been said about the technology of new digital cameras being able to ‘capture’ these images. What ever your take on these photo’s, whether you can accept them for what they are, or whether you are a little more cynical, I only write what I know. I have been able to see them for many years. It first started when I lost my Mother in 2005. I would see these blue orbs floating in the corner of the room. There might be 1,2 or even 5, but they would be there and they would hover. They ‘visited’ when I was at my saddest time. They would visit when I least expected it, but I did see them. At the time, I did not know much of ORBS or spirituality. My life is taking this journey now, and day by day, my spirit is growing. Back to the warm hearted soul that I’ve always been ~ No longer the complete work related stressed wreck that I was. This illness has bought my soul back and I am happy to awaken to it. Apart from blue orbs, I see white ‘sparkles’ and once watched a green sphere, float along the sea in front of me. Like it was playing on the water. No camera available, just a happy memory. Many can’t see the orbs, they come out in the photo’s. Evidence of …? My take is that they are of the universe. Spirits past. Angels joining us. Divine intervention. A visit.

So here we are. I’ve come so far in my spiritual journey that I have decided to share my photo’s with you.  Just double click the images for a better view.  Namaste

Garden Orbs

We have visitors!

Original work mates get together after 25 years service

3 original worksmate back together after 25 years

Original trio

Visit from the Divine

Visit form the Divine

Arch Angel Metatron photo 2

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  1. Ann Maguire says:

    I have no doubt of the spiritual realm, and that you are being chosen to help others with your many gifts from god,holy mother and all holy angels on high.
    Om Shanti

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