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Hello Everyone

I posted this on my Face Book page today , Sunday 7th August, 2011

“Welcome new friends to my page. I hope you are all in good spirit and enjoying this Sunday… Maybe with family and friends, or peacefully, somewhere quiet and reflective. I’ve been thinking and looking within, to see my spirit guides in meditation. I have met The Great Bear and my Native American guide. Today he wears white, and a single feather… the sign of the angels. Blessed moment.
Wishing peace, light and love as we start a new week. Namaste”

It doesn’t go anywhere near enough to explain the phenomenon of meditation and just what it means to your heart and soul to be able to reach these mystic places. I am so thankful that meditation works for me and that I can connect on a higher plane, to my guides and spirits. These lucid moments have also come to me in momentary visions of short bliss. Recently, whilst relaxing in the garden, under the soft canopy of the umbrella, I closed my eyes. The hot sun was making me squint with it’s brightness. Instant ease and relaxed muscles ensued as I rested my head on the soft cushion. There, in my minds eye, I visioned my mother and father, smiling and looking at me, both wearing sunglasses. It was such a sweet moment. “Oh, you’ve come to see me have you” I asked, and they smiled back at me. It was a clear and vivid moment.  I could really see them. Friday, 5th August, 2011 would have been their 61st Wedding Anniversary. I know, that albeit, for a very brief moment, they had paid a visit to let me know that all was well and that they are still around for us. I could see their happiness, being back together. Their joy. They are “Two Hearts” being together for all time.

What I really love about this, is that I know I only write from the heart. I only write what I know, and when it is written from the heart, by me, you know it’s the truth.


4 Responses to Spirit

  1. Laurence O'Bryan says:


    So glad you are finding peace. Wishing you well.


    • Janet says:

      So kind of you Laurence to stop by. This piece just flowed and was heart warming to write
      and relive the moment. Many thanks for your good wishes.

  2. Ann Maguire says:

    I see them together as I read your words, and for that fact alone,I thank you with all my heart.
    Mum and Dad left us with a gift beyond measure….each other.
    Peace be with you and know that Zena is with them too. Xxx

  3. Janet says:

    I love to come back and read this. Thank you so much for yor kind words. You write from the heart, and for that, I am truly blessed.

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