Strange, this day of St.George…

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Today started poorly for me. Ongoing health issues, deciding to smack me sideways. Huh! I said I to myself, “Some Saints day this is going to be”, but I managed to drive to Shoeburyness nonetheless . There, I watched little planes taking off, spent time with loved ones, (my man and our cats). I gazed upon many BlueBells, a flower that reminds me of my dear sister Zena. I came home, worse for wear and tired but lighter of spirit.
Sitting in my little kitchen, I open a page on the web. It is WrittenFTH! and I read an intro-blog my little sis’ wrote about me.
I am humbled by it and my SPIRIT soars, like the small planes I watched in Southend airport.
You know what? I will always remember this St.Georges Day. My lil’ sis made my spirit soar…

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