The Eternal Present

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“You receive purpose, when you set a goal. You are the Light within. The Now. The Eternal Present….

I tweeted that today. I am reminded constantly of my energy and light within. My spirit. When I open my eyes and my heart, I see it not only in myself, but in others and nature. What I give, I shall receive. The glory of this beautiful day is not to be taken lightly. It has been a gift. A gift from the Universe, the Almighty and Mother Nature. In one full swoop, we find our spirits lifted, our hearts happy and our minds at rest. What a divine existence, to live in the now and savour every wonderful moment of the eternal present.

I walked by the sea under a blue sky. I heard the waves gently break the beach with such softness and then a gentle whoosh, only to return with the same beautiful melody. The water glistened a trillion starlight sparkles, as the sun shone bright. The gulls flew up high above singing their song and I am reminded, God dwells within. Opening your heart and living in the now, is eternal.

In the woods, I walked a winding path. I could hear the song of the Robin and Lark. As I looked up into the tall trees, these little black shadows of bird, danced as if no one was watching. Their song constant. The chorus of nature.  Then I spied the first bluebell of the wood. Others not yet in bloom. It was a sight to behold.  Exquisite.

It occurred to me, I had enjoyed all this today and felt lifted in spirit. It had cost me nothing. It was simply free to be enjoyed and enjoying to be free… Namaste

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