The Gift

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The Gift
By Paul, Shoeburyness

When the darkness that engulfed me
could get no deeper
When the loneliness that consumed me
was at its worst
When the cloud that covered me
seemed at its darkest
And life was obscured by a thick
and impenetrable mist

I was handed a gift..

The gift cost nothing
yet it’s value is priceless
It can’t be seen
yet it lights the day
It can’t be heard and yet
music surrounds me
and it can’t be felt
yet it holds me tight and keeps me safe

I will always treasure it and keep it safe, for it brought me life

That gift you gave to me, the gift of your love

One Response to The Gift

  1. Katherine says:

    Thank you Paul for a beautiful poem. I read it as finding God’s love and light in the darkness, but it is lovely that it works for human love too.
    Bless your day,

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