The Witches of Ryde Castle

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The haze cleared… a sandy beach beckoned. The witches smiled and then ….the misted crystal ball began to clear. Someone was coming…

Here I am walking along this glorious esplanade and I see a tiny castle….

A tale to unfold...


That’s me, bottom right hand side of the picture. No, not the dog, that’s Abigail, my four legged friend. This view is awesome, but I wonder who is in the tower?

Then my mind takes over…

“She’s thinking of us” said Morgan. “Look, you can see her thoughts in the crystal ball!”

I am imagining two witches, dressed as how we perceive Halloween witches would look. But my witches are dressed in white and they are pretty. No moles or wretched teeth to sour their looks. Azure blue eyes filled with kindness. They are looking and seeing me, imagining them!

A mocking cry entered my head.

“How dare she dress us in white!” said Breanna. “No self respecting witch would be seen dead in white!” . Morgan laughed. “You can’t be serious. I mean really, come on. Where’s your sense of humour”

“What do you mean Morgan?” Breanna asked inquisitively. “I quite like the dresses and look at our beautiful hair” replied Morgan. “Oh and such lovely eyes. I tire of cracking mirrors and seeing my haggard face”. Breanna nodded in agreement. For many a year, they had lived in the tower, only ever allowed out on Halloween night. They would fly the skies on their broomsticks and play tricks. Throwing eggs was not for them. Oh no, they would ring door bells and run away. Sometimes, they would pretend they were real trick or treater’s and ask for sweets. They would cast a spell so they looked especially small and childlike. It was naughty but then they needed some fun on their one night of the year.

As I approached the Tower, I could see a sign, “Fortune telling done here ~ just knock”. I wondered whether to, but my imagination had run wild and I guess I’d scared myself. In my head, I see the witches sit down and slump in disappointment. “She’s gone away” they said, simultaneously. “Now we’ll never know. She could have been the one to break the spell“

I walked on, enjoying the fresh sea air and wondered to myself. Could be true?

To be continued …


J S King ~ Written from the heart 31.10.11

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