This day…

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I awake after a troubled night and feel the usual dread of ill health creeping into my system. I sit quietly in my kitchen, tweeting via my awesome Blackberry also known as my “lifeline”.
I then go look at FaceBook, and there is an image that ‘Written from the heart’ has posted. She asks us to comment on what we see. This I do gladly, as it’s beauty blows me away. So I leave my angst behind me and hope that health comes my way “This Day”.

To be continued…

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  1. Nai'lah says:

    please don’t live life fearful of anything. Life is too short! Be grateful for all your blessings. Even during the most painful experiences we have to be thankful because it can always be worst. Pray and keep God first because through him we are everything…without him you welcome negativity n evil into your life.

    You express such kind words when I’m down–you uplift me every time I’m sad. Whatever is troubling you; I pray that you find your way back to calm waters!

    Wishing you all the best…n much gratitude n respect,


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